A downloadable game for Windows

Game jam entry for Black and White Jam No11 (Theme The Deep).

Game prototype done in 1 work week. Fourth game completed in the Game Making Practice project.


  • Move (keyboard): Directional keys or WASD
  • Fullscreen switch: Alt+Enter
  • Close Game: Switch to window mode and close from the exit button.

Project Synopsis:

A series of 11 games made from scratch with strict time limit deadlines, aimed at improving my game design and project management skills.

  • #1: 1 hour game (Snake)
  • #2: 1 day game (Break Me if You Can)
  • #3: 2 day game (Memory Match)
  • #4: 1 week game (The Deep)
  • #5: 2 week game
  • #6-10: Repeat previous steps
  • #11: A 3mo game project with a minimum of 5 levels/mechanics.


The Deep - 1wk prototype.exe 50 MB

Development log


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