4th Game in the Game Making Practice Project: The Deep

I'm done learning and building up game dev skills from scratch, it's time to put them to use! So the game-making practice project is meant to get me used to making, managing and finishing games at various scopes, from just 1 hour all the way to a 1-3 month project. The project scope consists of the following:

  • 1st Project: 1-hour game (Snake)
  • 2nd Project: 1-day game (Break Me if You Can)
  • 3rd Project: 2-day game (Memory Match)
  • 4th Project: 1-week game (The Deep)
  • 5th Project: 2-week game
  • 6th-10th Projects: repeat the previous cycle
  • 11th & Final Project: A full-fledged 1-3 month project that has a minimum of five unique mechanics and levels.

I've effectively created 5 games in 6 weeks so far (including a 2-week game made for the Gamemaker New Year Jam, will release on Itch later this week). So needless to say, I was definitely feeling the onset of burnout while working on this one, so I wasn't very productive. I got stuck on issues with the camera and view, and honestly I wasn't happy working on this project. Until the very end, that is! I barely managed to add any gameplay at all, but I did manage to complete the aesthetic I was going for, and when I saw that and how cute it is, my heart lightened up and I felt happier with the project, even though I didn't manage to make an actual game of it yet..

Regardless of how small the projects are, creating new games from concept to completion is very mentally taxing work, so I will be taking a short break on the project and work on something else for a couple of weeks, perhaps a tutorial series or something to further improve my skills, I definitely need to better understand some core concepts that are affecting me in most of my games.


The Deep - 1wk prototype.exe 50 MB
Feb 13, 2023

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