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Faithful recreation of Classic Breakout by watching a gameplay video from the original 70s arcade game. 

Small 3-week practice project made with GameMaker. 

Game Modes:

  • Single Player: default game mode. Has a continue option at the first game over (4th life), and another game over at the 6th life.
  • 2 Player: Start it by pressing "2" before launching the first ball. You'll know it when the first player's score starts flashing. The first player plays until they reach game over at 4th life or finishes the levels, and then the second player's turn starts.


  • Activate 2 Player Mode: "2" Numpad key (before starting a game)
  • Movement: "A" / "D" or arrow keys to move left / right.
  • Launch Ball: Space (also starts the game)
  • Continue (From a game over at 4 lives, single player only): "C" key
  • Restart the Game: "R" key
  • Close Game: Esc
  • Fullscreen Toggle: F11
  • Pause Game: "P" key

Tools to Create

  • Game Engine: GameMaker
  • Sprites: Aseprite
  • Prototyping: Pen & Paper
  • Source Control: Git with Github Desktop
  • Project Management: Codecks.io
  • Audio: Sourced from NoiseCollector @freesound.org


Breakout.exe 15 MB

Development log

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