The start of the Game Making Practice Project: Snake

I'm done learning and building up game dev skills from scratch, it's time to put them to use! So the game-making practice project is meant to get me used to making, managing and finishing games at various scopes, from just 1 hour all the way to a 1-3 month project. The project scope consists of the following:

  • 1st Project: 1 hour game (Snake)
  • 2nd Project: 1-day game
  • 3rdProject: 2-day game
  • 4th Project: 1-week game
  • 5th Project: 2-week game
  • 6th-10th Projects: repeat the previous cycle
  • 11th & Final Project: A full-fledged 1-3 month project that has a minimum of five unique mechanics and levels.

So Snake fills the first slot, it is a quick prototype done in only 1 hour. This does include brainstorming and design time as well, so naturally, that suffered! The end result ended up being very rough and incomplete, as I've never limited myself to anything below a game jam-sized game before so this was an interesting experience. Despite it being only one hour, or perhaps because it was so, it was pretty stressful working on this game. Hopefully a better result with the next one!


Snake - 1hr version.exe 15 MB
Jan 22, 2023

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