2nd Game in the Game Making Practice Project: Break Me if You Can

I'm done learning and building up game dev skills from scratch, it's time to put them to use! So the game-making practice project is meant to get me used to making, managing and finishing games at various scopes, from just 1 hour all the way to a 1-3 month project. The project scope consists of the following:

  • 1st Project: 1-hour game (Snake)
  • 2nd Project: 1-day game (Break Me if You Can)
  • 3rd Project: 2-day game
  • 4th Project: 1-week game
  • 5th Project: 2-week game
  • 6th-10th Projects: repeat the previous cycle
  • 11th & Final Project: A full-fledged 1-3 month project that has a minimum of five unique mechanics and levels.

Break Me if You Can fills up the 2nd project slot. The original concept was of a brutal platformer where a single hit kills you and you have to restart the level. As I quickly learned, however, that's a bit much for only 1 workday! I've never made a platformer before, so I was learning how to do platforming controls and whatnot while making this. 

I found myself procrastinating at difficult bits by firing up Aseprite and making sprites instead lol! I'm fairly recent with pixel art, only been doing it a couple of months, and lately, I've found myself using it as stress relief, which is an interesting but welcome development.

Overall this game is still a very rough prototype, although in a much better state than Snake. What I should've done was a game with a similar scope to Snake, that could've been done with much better polish. These projects are proving valuable in getting scope practice in, better with tiny projects than a 1yr one!


Break Me if You Can - 1d Version.exe 15 MB
Jan 26, 2023

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